In addition to our talented internal team, we rely on an extensive network of industry leaders to provide life sciences companies with a path to achieve greater executive control and higher valuations while raising go-to-market and growth capital:

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News and Views from Our Strategic Partners

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Current Live Offerings on Manhattan Street Capital
Want to see examples of current Regulation A+ offerings? Our platform partner Manhattan Street Capital has put their current listings all in one easy-to-browse place. No surprise that most of them are in life sciences, biotech and medtech.
Emerging Medtech Summit 2021
The LSI Emerging Medtech Summit 2021 kicks off tomorrow. Over 180 medtech companies are presenting, with some 300 investors and strategics attending.
Life Science Intelligence Partners with Medical Funding Professionals
We're pleased to officially announce our partnership with Life Science Intelligence, the leading marketing intelligence firm for the medtech industry.
Choosing the Optimum Valuation For Your Capital Raise
One of the biggest questions when raising funds for your business is, "How much is our company really worth?" April 1, Rod Turner of Manhattan Street Capital will show you how to figure that out.
Reg A+, Reg D & Rule 144A & How To Use Them
Rod Turner of Manhattan Street Capital explains the differences between Reg A+, Reg D & Rule 144A and how to use them for your capital raise.