My Company Is Publicly Held, Can We Use Reg A+?

Rod Turner
Rod Turner

Rod is Founder, Chairman & CEO of Manhattan Street Capital, an online fundraising platform for raising capital cost-effectively, and Medical Funding Professionals’ platform partner.

My company is Publicly held, can we use Reg A+  to raise capital?

Until May 2018, public companies were not allowed to use Reg A+ to raise capital. This week, Regulation A+ was extended by federal legislation that now allows public reporting companies to make a Reg A+ capital raise. This will be most useful for OTCQB and OTCQX reporting companies because they can use Reg A+ to uplist or simply raise capital cost-effectively.

“Section 508. Improving Access to Capital. This section directs the SEC to expand its Regulation A+ rules to include companies that are “fully reporting” companies under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Regulation A+ implemented Title IV of the JOBS Act by exempting from registration certain securities offerings by smaller issuers”.

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This article originally appeared on Manhattan Street Capital here. Used by permission.