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Considering moving to a concierge practice model? If so, you are not alone. DocWireNews reports that concierge medicine is growing by 3% to 6% each year.

Still there can be a lot of uncertainty when switching practice models. A big question you’ll face is should you join a company – like MDVIP or One Medical, which just went public on the NYSE – that has established a nationwide network of concierge physicians but charges high fees to help you make the transition?

Here at Medical Funding Professionals we have been helping doctors make the switch to concierge medicine on their own since long before everyone began changing to this practice model.

By working with us, doctors like you can save $500,000 to $750,000 or more in annual fees to the conversion group.

Not only that but our consultation service includes a proprietary survey that actually lets you know if your patients will support the move – having this knowledge at the beginning of the process can save you a great deal of time, stress and, of course, money.

To learn more about our survey process or to get started:

We also help physicians get the financing they need to make the move and much more.

That’s why if you are considering going to a concierge medicine model we urge you to contact us first and, at least, let us help you survey your patients so that you can better understand the position you are in.

Why Work With Us?

As we mentioned, companies like MDVIP and others charge high fees to manage your conversion and membership. This can end up costing you 30% or more of your membership fees per year for up to 10 years.

By working with us and getting our help in setting up your program and then taking it over and running it yourself, you can save a lot of money and still enjoy all the benefits that concierge medicine offers you and your patients.

We have experience helping doctors make the switch in a variety of situations.

We have helped them convert from existing management companies they had signed with and whose contracts were now up. We also have helped doctors start a brand new conversion.

We have helped doctors with practice management, EMR transitioning and moving from a multi-practice with existing doctors to their own private office for their concierge conversion change over.

We can assist with everything from the design of the office to the build-out to getting the right equipment, inventory control, EMR moves, staffing moves, and bookkeeping, if needed – this includes internet, phones, and all office programs you are used to having in your existing practice, if you have to move.

If you are not moving, then we can show you how to have a small remodel to ensure you meet the expectations of your patients who are now paying a monthly or annual fee for the extra services.

The bottom line is it is not difficult to make the change when you have an expert, like us, to guide you. We will consult with you by phone, in person or through video conferencing and we will train a member of your staff to run the entire operation themselves.

You’ll save hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Not only that, but if you are worried about financing the switch our experts can help you assess your options and choose the best financing solution for your conversion.

From merchant cash advance to practice expansion loans, Reg A+ offerings, and much more, we can help you get the financing you need.

We can put together finance packages for build outs at all levels of medical funding – from single or multi-practice programs to surgery centers and quick care.

So Why Consider Switching to a Concierge Model with Through the Consulting Service Provided by Medical Funding Professionals?

Concierge medicine offers stressed, overworked doctors a chance to regain control of their professional lives. A concierge medicine practice could allow you to:

  • Make more while working less
  • Spend more time with patients
  • Avoid crowded waiting rooms and having to rush patients in and out
  • Practice preventive care instead of just reactive care
  • Reduce overhead by simplifying the billing and collections process
  • And much more

The Truth is the Current Medical System is Broken

In the most recent Great American Physicians Survey, respondents indicated they were not happy with the direction their career and their field are headed. Here are the average scores for some important questions. The physicians were asked to respond on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being ‘strongly agree’ and 1 being ‘strongly disagree.’

  • I used to enjoy being a physician much more, but today it’s more stressful and less financially lucrative: 4.14
  • I would recommend this career path to young people: 2.78
  • I am happy with the direction healthcare is headed: 1.75

Meanwhile, according to Medscape’s 2019 National Physicians Burnout & Depression Report, more than 40% of physicians – and 50% of female physicians – say they are burned out.

Currently, statistics indicate that primary care physicians are seeing 25-30 patients a day for about 6-8 minutes each – barely enough time to address the patient’s most pressing issues. Meanwhile, average income has dropped under $190,000 a year, the lowest in the medical profession.  Many now have no plan for retirement.

Here’s How Bad it Has Gotten …

Medscape recently reported that in a traditional practice, primary care providers would need to have about 2,500 patients and see 24-25 per day to maintain an income of even $175,000.

And with 2,500 patients, it would take 108 hours a week for a physician to provide all recommended acute, chronic and preventive care.

Concierge Medicine is the Solution to What Ails Primary Care Physicians

The basic concierge model is simple: patients pay a monthly, quarterly or annual membership fee, which covers many of the common services provided by the physician in the office.

In exchange, the physician cares for far fewer patients (typically 60-80% fewer). This allows them to provide on-time appointments, longer office visits (typically 30 minutes), more in-depth proactive care, and a better patient experience.

The emphasis is on building a personal relationship between patient and physician, rather than merely a transactional one.

The model has been well proven to provide better care and reduce healthcare costs overall.

Patients in a personalized healthcare program visit the hospital 72% less, take 50% less prescription medications, miss 27% less work, manage chronic conditions better, and save money – an average of $2,551 per year due to decreased hospitalizations. That’s less than the typical cost of an annual membership.

Get the Guidance, Training & Financial Support You Need to Turn Your Dream Practice into Reality!

While the concept of concierge medicine is fairly simple, switching to this type of practice has proven difficult for doctors in the past.

There are several challenges that must be overcome, including:

  • Transitioning patients to the new model
  • Making staff adjustments
  • Retraining staff
  • Acquiring new patients
  • And, maybe the biggest challenge of all, getting funding for the whole process

Once these challenges have been met physicians who switch to concierge medicine report greater income, greater work/life balance and greater career satisfaction.

To help doctors simplify the transition process and start enjoying these benefits even faster, Medical Funding Pro has developed a Concierge Conversion Service.

Introducing Concierge Conversion

Our comprehensive 120-day conversion program includes:

  • Funding Assistance – Our experts will help you assess your options and choose the best financing solution for your conversion.
  • Expert Guidance – We help transition your practice with a personalized patient letter, an online survey explaining the advantages of personalized healthcare, and a dedicated on-site Conversion Specialist.
  • Staff Training – We provide in-depth training to office staff on how to talk to existing patients to convert them to concierge care. Staff is also trained on changes to their daily routine and overall approach to patient services in the new practice model.
  • Patient Acquisition & Retention Training – We teach an integrated marketing program, including referral programs, newsletters, personalized email, seminars, web and social media, to cover natural turnover in the practice.
  • Practice Support – We provide extensive business support, including proven practice-management programs and tools; access to a network of professionals experienced with personalized healthcare; assistance in building and maintaining individual practice websites; and more.

What Will Your New Practice Look Like?

In could include all of the following:

  • Annual patient membership fees – at less than the average cost savings from reduced hospitalization and medication.
  • Comprehensive Annual Executive Physicals – establishes the baseline for preventive care.
  • Metabolic Profiles – A state-of-the-art assessment that incorporates a comprehensive lab panel and patient responses to a detailed health questionnaire. The program is a system of over 4,000 rules that employ a systems biology approach to assess the patient’s organ function and overall vitality. Individualized reports break down complex health issues, organizing them in a way that allows healthcare professionals and their patients to understand and gain insight into their current health.
  • Telemedicine – Video consults and electronic transmission of basic vitals offer convenience to both physician and patient.  Combined with office visits and an ongoing personal relationship between patient and physician, our telemedicine program allows our doctors to provide services that can’t be performed within telemedicine-only offerings.
  • Member Education – Members receive personalized educational material based on their metabolic profile, a monthly newsletter, free seminars, and access to whitepapers on a variety of healthcare topics.
  • Additional income opportunities – We provide guidance and resources for offering supplemental treatments and programs, such as Micronutrient Testing (MNT), hormone therapy, weight loss, age management, and more.
  • No more than 1000 members per physician – Approximately 50% higher than in the typical concierge program, without sacrificing quality of care, due to our telemedicine and personalized education programs.
  • Patient Experience – Our goal is to make patients have a “Wow!” experience – longer, on-time office visits, a more pleasant office setting, better access to their doctor, and improved, more engaging interactions with their clinician who now has the tools and time to enhance patient vitality at every stage of life.

Don’t think you need all of the above? Don’t worry, we can customize a program to fit your specific needs.

The first step is to survey your patients to see if they will follow you to a concierge medicine practice model. Contact us now to get started.

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