Choosing the Optimum Valuation For Your Capital Raise

One of the biggest questions when raising funds for your business is, “How much is our company really worth?” The best practices for valuing a company for an offering have changed significantly in recent years, and getting the right valuation is critical. Too low, and you give up too much of your company for too little money; too high, and people simply don’t buy your stock.

Our platform partner, Manhattan Street Capital, has an upcoming webinar April 1st that addresses this topic in detail: “How To Choose The Optimum Valuation For Your Reg CF, Reg A+, Reg D, and Rule 144A Capital Raise”, presented by their Founder, Chairman & CEO, Rod Turner. Rod is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and has been a key executive in two IPOs to the NASDAQ and six successful startups.

We invite you to join us for this important educational event.