Pitchbook 2021 US VC Valuations Report

Valuations Are at Record Highs

Valuations are at record highs, thanks to strong IPO exits, broader economic recovery, and growing participation by nontraditional investors. Don’t sell yourself short—your company may well be worth far more than your balance sheet would indicate.

Reg A+ Getting Media Exposure

Regulation A+ may finally be starting to get the media exposure it deserves. This story includes Cityzenith ‘s Reg A+ raise mentioned side-by-side with celebrity-backed venture funds.

How Many Founders Should a Startup Have?

Here’s another example of how individual investors in the online equity market (such as Reg A+) use different criteria than traditional VCs. It’s an unwritten rule that VCs don’t want to see more than 2 or 3 founders. But individual startup investors don’t seem to be bothered by that.

Female Founders Raised $1B Less In 2020

U.S. startups founded solely by females raised just $3.2 billion in 2020, a billion less than the previous year. This isn’t for lack of trying — there wasn’t a downturn in the numbers of female founders pitching for funding.

Emerging Medtech Summit 2021

The LSI Emerging Medtech Summit 2021 kicks off tomorrow. Over 180 medtech companies are presenting, with some 300 investors and strategics attending.

IPO Access for Everyone?

With the democratization of the capital markets, Main Street investors are wanting to find out how to get in on all the various opportunities that Wall Street investors have access to.

SPAC Transactions Come to a Screeching Halt

If you were hoping for a SPAC deal to come along to fund your startup, don’t hold your breath. One seemingly small change in accounting guidance from the SEC has triggered an almost complete shutdown of the enthusiasm for SPACs.