Medtech & Healthcare KoreSummit 2021 For Innovators Raising Capital

Medical Funding Professionals is proud to partner with KoreConX in presenting the the Medtech & Healthcare KoreSummit 2021 for Innovators Raising Capital. The first event of its kind, this 4-hour virtual summit focuses specifically on how innovators can use Regulation A+ to raise capital in healthcare and life sciences, including medtech, biotech, and pharmaceuticals.

Active Surgical Gives Up 27.9% for $45M

We love seeing companies with life-saving technology get the capital they need to get their technology to patients. But we hate seeing the founders have to give up so much of their hard-earned equity to do so.

Breaking the Addiction to Venture Capital

Breaking the Addiction to Venture Capital

While venture capital has its place in the entrepreneur ecosystem, they eliminate most startups and early-stage companies for consideration. Founders need to leave the old model behind and find alternative ways to get their startups into the world. Regulation A+ offerings should be included in the toolbox of every founder, owner, CFO, and Treasurer in the United States.

Selling Shareholder Incentive in a Regulation A+ Offering

Selling Shareholder Incentive in a Regulation A+ Offering

In Reg A+, accredited investors who purchase securities in Reg D or Series A can sell a portion of their holdings, creating a powerful buy incentive given Reg A+’s strong liquidity and the likely step-up in valuation between capital events.

Why Now Is the Time to Raise Capital

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news, you know that the pandemic has brought about a sea change in the role of retail investors. But here’s the macro story underneath that’s not making the big headlines:  investors have cash and are eager to deploy it. According to Bloomberg, there’s $17 trillion burning a hole in pockets.

Digital Surgery 4.0 and The Power of Go, Go, Go

The LSI Blog features an interview with Scott Huennekens, the keynote speaker at the 2021 Emerging Medtech Summit, discussing his career, his “Go, go, go” philosophy, and the future of medtech.

KoreConX – What is RegTech?

RegTech are the various technology solutions to improve compliance through efficiency, allowing companies to keep up with evolving regulations.

Rialto Markets – Bringing Private Placements into the Digital Age

We take for granted that we can easily trade stocks online, move them between brokers, and automatically receive dividends and shareholder communications. The recent rapid growth of private placements has pushed the need for similar infrastructure in the private markets.